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Alma Parent/Guardian Access
Alma is now being used district-wide as our gradebook system.  On Friday, September 7th, each parent or guardian of students who have registered valid email addresses through our online registration portal, OneView, will receive an email from Alma to set up your parent portal account to view your child’s grades if you do not already have an account created last school year. The email address this will come from is and will have the following email subject depending on the building your children attend:
If Indian Valley High School, it will say “Indian Valley High School Account Setup (From Indian Valley High School)
If Indian Valley Middle School, it will say “Indian Valley Middle School Account Setup (From Indian Valley Middle School)

If Midvale Elementary, it will say “Midvale Elementary Account Setup (From Midvale Elementary)

If Port Washington, it will say “Port Washington Elementary Account Setup (From Port Washington Elementary)
If you do not receive this email, and believe you should, then we do not have a valid email address for you through the online registration portal, OneView.  You can check registration information by accessing your OneView account.   

Below is a link to a guide on how to use the Alma Parent/Guardian Portal.  We also have links to the Parents section and buttons of our website to quickly access Alma. 
Alma Parent/Guardian Portal Guide 
If you need further assistance, please contact the appropriate school building.